Coming back from Thanksgiving break, we finished up the final bit of concrete for this project and looked towards the next steps in the construction process. While the concrete piers set, there is much to be done on the storage piece, the roof, the sink, and the benches. The bulk of the past day or [...]

Mocking Up, etc.

The past few days have been focused and intense. We have been working hard to finish the mock-up as well as sort out all final details. A lot of the mindset now is turned towards what it will be like one, two, and three weeks from today when we are measuring, cutting, painting, and assembling [...]

Getting There

This week is a very important week. We have to finish our Construction Drawings and Mock-Up by the end of the week. We still have a significant to-do list, but we have delegated responsibilities and are making good progress. There are still a few details and areas that we are flushing out, but at least [...]

It’s Getting Real

On Monday, October 2nd we had our first work day in which the whole studio was working on the same design. We gathered together to kick off this new stage in the project. We first laid out what steps we should take next and what goals we have for the coming weeks of work. We [...]

Open (Hurricane) Season

Order has been restored and everyone is back in Charleston after many of us evacuated the area as Irma passed through. Thankfully from what I have seen, the damage in Charleston was minimal and the floodwater has subsided. We had a few unexpected days off from class and studio. The individual design reviews that were [...]

More is more.

These past few days have been focused on collecting as much information as possible about our site, our client, and our scope. This has all been done with the conviction that the more informed we are, the more successful the resultant product will be. It is awesome to see people mesh and work together and [...]