Getting There

This week is a very important week. We have to finish our Construction Drawings and Mock-Up by the end of the week. We still have a significant to-do list, but we have delegated responsibilities and are making good progress. There are still a few details and areas that we are flushing out, but at least there are no huge roadblocks standing in our way. We ended last week with separate teams working on the storage, the posts and their piers, the sink, setting up our Revit file/CD set outline, and the budget. We have a pretty clear idea of the structure and sizing we will need, we have staked off our layout at the site, and have committed to a placement of the sink (a huge consideration last week), so we are getting there. We are hoping to get a lot of the final design decisions made in the next day or two so that we can get cranking on Construction Drawings. It will be a busy week, but I am excited to see everything really come together.


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