27 Iterations Later…

Over the weekend we moved forward with our delegated tasks to finalize the design, but it is a process that cannot be rushed … we are also 12 perfectionists with 12 different opinions… Although we have all been assigned different tasks, we are all cross-pollinating and working through problems together, as is true with a design studio. With the overall design completed for the most part, we are figuring out all of the details of how this pavilion actually goes together. This is where people more knowledgeable than us really come into play. Dave and John Moore, the engineer guiding us through the structural design, have been a huge help in determining what works and what doesn’t.

Although it is a slow, iterative process, we are making progress. The site plan got sent off to the zoning office, the final design of the columns and footings was completed, the roof was priced out, the seating issue was resolved, and the storage and sink design are nearly finalized. It’s hard to believe that in about a month, the pavilion will be complete!IMG_4392IMG_4395IMG_4398

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