Paint+Kitty Litter

Things are moving along in the wood shop as we wait for the concrete piers to cure. We started cutting the wood pieces for the storage unit, spilled some primer in the parking lot/on Dave’s car, threw some kitty litter on it (after scraping it off the asphalt) and went back to work. As half the studio is working on the drawings for the rest of the roof structure, the other half is cutting and painting/priming as the drawings come in: a well oiled machine. We took a short break from the mental gymnastics that are the roof drawings to attend the lecture by Toni Griffin.

We are also working on choosing paint colors for the structure, which is proving to be quite difficult. We want to throw a bold color (like yellow or bright blue) into the mix to emphasize the playfulness of the pavilion, but we’re back to the drawing board after running those schemes by the parks conservancy. Everything will start to move very quickly once everything is cut and painted!

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