From the Computer Mouse to the Paintbrush


Two and a half weeks later, we’ve more or less finished the set of construction drawings. I’m as big a fan of Revit as anyone – but going from using it at my internship for four hours in the morning to using it for six hours in the afternoon – that is a lot of Revit. This past Friday, JT and I went to the government offices in North Charleston to drop off three sets of drawings. Unfortunately, one of the workers will be out for a few days, so they won’t be able to examine them until then. We have confidence that the set we put together will allow our structure to be given the green light. Until we hear back from the city – we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, a few of us have started to assemble the components of the bench for the mockup at Magnolia. We are taking the wood we acquired from the PeeDee Research Center in Florence last week, and cutting them up, priming, and painting. Thankfully, we can get every piece we need out of this supply of wood from Florence – except for a single pressure-treated 2×8.

Tyler and I got to make the inaugural first brush strokes of paint on the first pieces. It was really gratifying to get our hands off our computers and down into the woodshop. It was nice engage our material and finally beginning to craft the object we have been viewing on paper and on screen for the majority of the semester.


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