Raccoon Fur and Sweatshirt Gray

We have made good progress over the weekend. Our foundations are all made but two which are in cast now.  Walls have been puttied and sanded down. The first coat of paint went on the decks and the exterior walls today. We are planning on doing two coats of paint on everything. One at the [...]


So today we got the news from Pastre that we might have to redo our deck frames for the cleaning area. This is a possibility because the way our joist are running now does not support the loads of the deck. So now we are getting in touch with John Moore to find out if adding [...]

Sinks, Sinks, and More Sinks

I have been working on figuring out this sink system in which we are inventing. I starting researching to find a trough that would fit our needs. Just a Google search of "trough" did not cut it. I looked into all kinds of feeders:  hog feeders, goat feeders, horse feeders. Then I came across search [...]

Spring Break aka time to crack down

As we part ways for Spring Break we have all taken on a task to master over the break. I am back on the sink project. I originally did my research into the sinks and their orientation. Then when we got back into one big group I strayed away and started working on the track system. Which I believe [...]

Crunch Time!!!

We met as a studio today in order to talk more about the roof. We had some helpful insight from Ray Huff about how many of our ideas can get complicated for us to build let alone some one with no design experience. Then we came to the realization that one roof is the best [...]

We Got This!

      Its crunch time! With the review less than 48hours away we are all super busy trying to get everything done and done well. Some issues have arose along this path we are taking but we are working forward. Since deciding on a floor plan everything else seemed to fall into place pretty [...]

Individual Designs

As the days come closer for our individual design review, we are all feeling overwhelmed yet excited. As John mentioned he was focusing on electricity, that seems so be the consist among most people with Elppa looking into the cooler and having that as the focus while You wants to make the GAP standards stand [...]

Getting Connected

On Monday we met in order to further talk about the research we are doing. We are really seeing how much overlap there is between all these different parts. Communication is key. Over the past couple of days I will randomly get GAP standards emails from You if he believes they can help me in any way. [...]


As we start our research we still do not know exactly what is needed by the client. Later this afternoon we as a studio will meet the client for the first time. It is exciting to be able to ask the questions: What would you like out of the project? What are the main components [...]