Spring Break aka time to crack down

As we part ways for Spring Break we have all taken on a task to master over the break. I am back on the sink project. I originally did my research into the sinks and their orientation. Then when we got back into one big group I strayed away and started working on the track system. Which I believe should be a system in which we build/design ourselves instead of just buying the hardware. I believe getting back on the sink and their idea will be a good break from the track system. And having a new set of eyes on the track system to help come up with more ideas or ways that can possibly design the track system will be nice.  Also I am heading back home to Aiken soon which is horse country so there are a lot of places to get inspiration and ideas from since we are looking at designing the whole sink from troughs and bins that are not exactly used for that purpose. So this realigning of purposes will be a unique idea used just in the GAP sheds that eventually will get built all over the U.S. by start up farmers and small farmers. The week when we get from break will be the week that we really need to crack down and get a great set of construction documents together. So that we can start ordering and getting materials to start the construction process. Its an exciting time. This is the start of the marking of the end of our time in studio as we know it to be!4

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