The Final Countdown

(begin playing this video now) 12:56 A.M. The whole studio continues to draw and model our final design presentation for the review on Wednesday. Shawn is working hard on our introduction video. Nolan is rendering out the site plan. Nick and Jamie are constructing the physical model. Chris is pricing out a proposal for the [...]

Spring Break aka time to crack down

As we part ways for Spring Break we have all taken on a task to master over the break. I am back on the sink project. I originally did my research into the sinks and their orientation. Then when we got back into one big group I strayed away and started working on the track system. Which I believe [...]

Crunch Time!!!

We met as a studio today in order to talk more about the roof. We had some helpful insight from Ray Huff about how many of our ideas can get complicated for us to build let alone some one with no design experience. Then we came to the realization that one roof is the best [...]