The Final Countdown


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12:56 A.M. The whole studio continues to draw and model our final design presentation for the review on Wednesday. Shawn is working hard on our introduction video. Nolan is rendering out the site plan. Nick and Jamie are constructing the physical model. Chris is pricing out a proposal for the final build. Joel is creating the elevations, sections, and floor plans.

There is always a certain excitement that comes around this time of night when we are all so close to finishing our tasks and creating the final boards that is matched by a sense of uncertainty about the coming review. All of the previous reviews we have had this semester have successfully pushed us to keep designing and keep refining. That is the great thing about this studio: we always have guests at our reviews that are as excited about the project as we are. Many times architecture students pin up the designs we have been working on for weeks only to have a professor listen to you and give you one or two comments about the design. Here in Studio V we present for 10-15 minutes and get an hour of constructive criticism from a wide array of professionals from different fields.

Here are two renders for tomorrows presentation.

render fo shawn

02-18-14 render 1



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