Another review has come and gone and once again we find ourselves coming away with more questions than answers.  We came a long way in only a week in a half; a lot of problems were solved.  Mainly, the overall layout for the kitchen, all of it’s components, including the bathroom finally works programmatically.

It is time to take another step back to analyze each design component, particularly the exterior.  In our various stages of designing this concept we’ve picked up many great ideas, or design elements (i.e. the sliding door system, the natural ventilating roof).  It became much more clear today that some of these ideas, as good as they look on paper, will likely not be able to be implemented without further development.  It may be that these elements need to be thrown out completely.  We must make sure every component of our design is conventional.  Does it’s benefits really justify it being included in our design?  It is time to simplify our design.  Things that come natural like the hood stack that will be extruding outwards from the building.  How can we embrace these elements and turn them into really pleasing features?  It is inevitable that we are going to see a lot of things disappear from our design.  It is time to face the reality faced every day in our industry.  In the end, it is all about cost constraints.

So, the remainder of this week will likely comprise of many difficult decisions and hopefully at the same time some very innovative ideas will come to the surface.  We cannot get discouraged.  This is supposed to be a long hard process.  The only thing we can do is continue to push forward and I trust the rest will work itself out.  Back at it tomorrow!  Sounds like we’ll be getting together for some dinner and really tackling some difficult questions.

Here is a link to the video we used as an intro for today’s review.  Although the concept is likely to look a bit different next time, the overall idea will be the same.  It is sure to excite you as to what we are trying to do.  At the end of the video, I heard one person yell, “I want one!”  So enjoy!

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