Bug Spray And Weeds

This weekend, Studio V began its first construction mock and building assembly to figure out design details and construction methods. We needed to test out all the kinks in the design and practice putting materials together in order to improve efficiency before we go to Greenville and build our final structure. For our mock assembly, [...]

The Final Countdown

(begin playing this video now) 12:56 A.M. The whole studio continues to draw and model our final design presentation for the review on Wednesday. Shawn is working hard on our introduction video. Nolan is rendering out the site plan. Nick and Jamie are constructing the physical model. Chris is pricing out a proposal for the [...]

7 Eleven Woodshop

Steel Plate-Finally I finish my drilling hole misson! My name maybe changed to ARMstrong right now after doing 2-day metal work. So does dear Professor Pastre think. It seems that those templates really work. Moving-Dealing both side of the wall and decking, we always need FLIP OVER. Sometimes it is extremely heavy so we need [...]


We have been working hard these days to try to get all the things done before the final due day. I'm glad with the work in workshop. it is way much more better than sitting infront of the computer. Only one thing that, everyday When I come back home after building SHED In work shop, my [...]

Sinks, Sinks, and More Sinks

I have been working on figuring out this sink system in which we are inventing. I starting researching to find a trough that would fit our needs. Just a Google search of "trough" did not cut it. I looked into all kinds of feeders:  hog feeders, goat feeders, horse feeders. Then I came across search [...]

We Are Moving On!

As what the case used to be , I continued to be in charge of the Cooler. I have been trying to figure out how to build in a reasonable way based on detail research. FRP-We use wood frame + FRP sandwich wall system, window frame and owner-built insulated door. Based on the basic diagram [...]

Still Detail

Today we are working on our details. I've never imagined that there're so many work to do after design. A lot of stuffs that I thought I knew from beginning turns out that I didn't really know. For example, the sinks. I thought we can just purchase some sinks from Lowe's, and every thing will [...]

More Roofs and Such

While we did not have studio today, Studio V met as a group to further advance our design for the shed.  Things we wanted to look more at included materials, the ROOF, and how the counter spaces would operate, especially the island in the middle.  In terms of materials, we were specifically looking at the [...]

On The Way

http://www.rosebankfarms.com/ Rosebank ---- To get experience through the practice, on-the-spot investigation and case study are always shortcut for architects. So we visit Rosebank this afternoon to learn some ideas about a certificated GAP shed, actually I wish I could have done this field trip at the beginning of this semester. FloorPlan----Nicole’s plan combines modular and [...]


After working for a month separately, our studio v finally become one group again. Andtoday we are trying to get our team working in a same floor plan and a certain reasonable structure. We worked the whole Friday afternoon, and everyone try to come up with a practical idea. It was a long afternoon, I'm [...]