We have been working hard these days to try to get all the things done before the final due day. I’m glad with the work in workshop. it is way much more better than sitting infront of the computer. Only one thing that, everyday When I come back home after building SHED In work shop, my t shirt, my pants, my shoes will be full of wood.  and our hard work leading leading to ONE GREAT  NEWS! WE HAVE DONE COOL STORAGE! And it is said that it will rain today and tomorrow, so we covered the cool storage. Image

When we building this wall, first of all we frame the wall. and then we put the pink insulation in between the frame. This pink ones are evil, it just make my body itch . So after that I assemble the sheet to enclose the wall.    and also we put the plate to connect beam and the wall below the beam. At first, we found the nuts and washers can not go into the room we left. Then we try our best to make the hole slope down. And then make the nut and washer not move and make them steady.

ImageWhat is more, we also finished one foundation. it looks good, may be not like the “diamond”, which Pastre brought from clemson. Tomorrow Ashly will go to see the painting, I think we can paint the shed orange and purple to make it “clemson”, just kidding. Anyway,  Guys! Keep Working!Image

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