The Final Documentation

As the final week starts to wind down, we are wrapping up our final documentation for Studio V. For our final documentation we composed all of our work into a booklet that is made up of 130 pages. Basically, the booklet is a entire summary of what all we did this entire semester. So, in [...]

Small Group Sessions

Small groups are in session, and things are getting real. On the bright side, my group members and I all seem to have similar ideas about where we want to go with our design. Once it was clear that we would, in fact, be building atop a mobile home chassis, the momentum had us feeling [...]

Hasta La Vista!

Final Review-As Nicole posted, we had our final review on Monday. Everyone worried about the weather that day morning, however, the weather had miraculously turned fine in the afternoon. The logo, which designed by Professor Pastre’s wife, Amy, makes the whole shed cute and shiny with recognition. Review went through fairly smoothly and easily. People [...]


We have been working hard these days to try to get all the things done before the final due day. I'm glad with the work in workshop. it is way much more better than sitting infront of the computer. Only one thing that, everyday When I come back home after building SHED In work shop, my [...]

Designers, Workers, Farmers

As previous blogs shown, we’ve already started building our GAP shed. It is definitely an amazing experience being involved within both design and build. Sliding Door- Once getting into build process, another level much more precise and practical , more details need to be figured out. We updates the sliding door details on look from [...]

Still Detail

Today we are working on our details. I've never imagined that there're so many work to do after design. A lot of stuffs that I thought I knew from beginning turns out that I didn't really know. For example, the sinks. I thought we can just purchase some sinks from Lowe's, and every thing will [...]

On The Way Rosebank ---- To get experience through the practice, on-the-spot investigation and case study are always shortcut for architects. So we visit Rosebank this afternoon to learn some ideas about a certificated GAP shed, actually I wish I could have done this field trip at the beginning of this semester. FloorPlan----Nicole’s plan combines modular and [...]


After working for a month separately, our studio v finally become one group again. Andtoday we are trying to get our team working in a same floor plan and a certain reasonable structure. We worked the whole Friday afternoon, and everyone try to come up with a practical idea. It was a long afternoon, I'm [...]


While John,  Nicole and Elppa work together as “Team Modular”,  Ashly, Stacie, Yuxiang and me work as a team. Our Team has a much more awesome name, It is "MA". "MA" is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as "gap", "space", "pause" or "the space between two structural parts."  Well, In China, we call this [...]

Going to Meet the Man

Monday: @2pm...Studio V met with Mr. John Moore, a well respected engineer, to receive feedback about the structural details of our project. Mr. Moore suggested that we construct most of it out of structural steel tubes to resist deflection and bending. Furthermore, he suggested ways to connect the guardrails and handrails to the structure. The [...]