Still Detail

eyewash8__07059Today we are working on our details. I’ve never imagined that there’re so many work to do after design. A lot of stuffs that I thought I knew from beginning turns out that I didn’t really know. For example, the sinks. I thought we can just purchase some sinks from Lowe’s, and every thing will be fine. However It turns out that I need to consider where all the water is coming and where all the water is going. And what’s more, I need to look into how is the sinks and tubes connect and what’s the relationship between sinks, tubes and the deck and the floor! I never expected it to be that complicated! I really learned a lot!

Wednesday, We are going to meet John Moore, our engineer. He will tell us what can be done and what need to find another way to have it done. I’m expecting to learn even more from him.

I’m try to have as much stuff done as I can, because next week is spring break. I hope I can enjoy my break and get a good rest from all the studio work. It is really a pushing time to have everything done in less than 4 month.  However, it is really a lot of fun! I can’t wait to build our SHED now!

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