Final Conceptual Review –Of course, it was the most relaxing weekend ever I had! As a group we smoothly finished our conceptual design of GAP SHED, but it is just at the mid-point for Studio V-design and built. There were full of VIPs in that small meeting room on last Friday , leaving us tons of essential comments and great suggestions. They are very experienced, knowledgeable, constructive and insightful. I am so glad that they also participate in our project.


Plans-There are always possibilities of changing before finished. Now we are looking at how to remove the dogtrot and rearrange the open cleaning area to make the workspace more flexible. If we do that, the circulation from field to SHED would be simple, one main entrance station with multi-functions, we still keep the access to the cleaning area directly from both side but it is more likely for putting baskets on the decking. Also, by doing that, we shrink the longtitude dimension a little bit, maybe it is becoming more economic and practical. Anyway, I like the dogtrot idea although it is unsolved completely yet.

Foundation-We met John Moore today, he is full of experiences, but not empirical, still open-minded for possible ideas. Nicole showed us some sketches of the concrete footing posts you can buy in Lowe’s, which are easy to access. Or maybe one of the pier footings flush with the ground, troweled smooth and a rebar set in the center. A hole drilled in the posts and secure them to the footing. At last, I think we were close to finding a better solution for keeping on levels, being mobile.




We’ve talked about several possible details about the truss, in terms of being beautiful and bright.

Floor– Drainage system should be applied well working with the floor panels. Basically Shed could be divided as 3 parts based on 3 separate floor system, On-Grade (breath massing), Above-Grade decking with slope(structure), with its own floor(solid massing). The details for each kind of system, and what the connections between two systems look like should be figured out.

SIPs panels-According to the Applicability limits table and multi-optional skins for SIPs panels, they could be applied as walls, floors(with dead load 10 psf maximum, which I consider a little small for shelves and boxes), and roofs. The seal details and connection details drawings, and the Youtube video show the good feasibility for installation of SIPs. Anyway, there might be some difference between which provided local and what’s on website. I hope SIPs panels work well as how it shows.






Next step, try to imitate the “mock-ups” part in a similar space on Thursday.

Cockroach-By the time done with the environmental system projects, it is midnight, it’s party time, cockroaches are aggressively on the rampage in the studio. I cannot help thinking that how important all the materials applied because that no one wants to see Cockroaches in GAP shed!




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