Space Mock-Up

Tonight was spent cleaning out half the shop so that we could do a basic mock-up of the GAP Shed.  After moving the majority of loose items to shelves, we started taping off the areas of the shed.  We had just enough room to tape off the entire structure!  We started with the north side of the structure, which includes the cool room and some additional cleaning space.  Next we taped off the cleaning area.  For counters, we just used the shop tables that were approximately appropriate sizes.  We lined them up on both the east and west sides of the shed, and then we put a more square table in the middle to pose as the sink island.  After the “counters” were in place, we taped off the tool storage and hand washing areas.  With the hand washing area, we ran into a little trouble into where to put the steps up to the structure.  We had not discussed that before, but after realizing we would probably need two stairs to get up, we put one inside the hand washing area, and one that spanned the entire length of the cleaning area (doubling as a drain).  Overall it was a great team effort both cleaning up the area and mocking up the structure.  Below are some pictures of the process..







And a video showing the cleaning process courtesy of actresses Ashley and Elppa!

5 Responses to “Space Mock-Up”
  1. jcavene says:

    And video editing by Nicole!

  2. Max says:

    Great video Studio V!

  3. David Pastre says:

    This is the best Studio V music video since:

  4. mimi says:

    It is so cute…..I want a Gap Shed! Can we convert my office?

  5. yaqionz says:


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