Beams Up! Roof Ahead!

        Today was an extremely productive day.  We all met at 8:30 in the morning, loaded up the trailer with the roof purlins, and split up.  Pastre and Elppa went to Lowes to pick up the metal corrugated roofing, and the rest went to the site.  All we needed to do was [...]

Wall Framing

Today we cut and framed all of the walls with the exception of the cool room walls.  We basically worked 9 hours on it today, so this blog may be a little short in length.  We framed each individual wall separately, so eventually the walls will be able to be unscrewed in panels to be [...]

C.D.’s Continued

Both today and this past weekend we have been further detailing our construction documents for the GAP Shed.  Nicole, Ashley, and I have been working mainly on the structure of the revit file, whereas the others have been more focused on the sinks, cooler, drainage, and sliding panel system.  This weekend we spent a lot [...]

Space Mock-Up

Tonight was spent cleaning out half the shop so that we could do a basic mock-up of the GAP Shed.  After moving the majority of loose items to shelves, we started taping off the areas of the shed.  We had just enough room to tape off the entire structure!  We started with the north side [...]

More Roofs and Such

While we did not have studio today, Studio V met as a group to further advance our design for the shed.  Things we wanted to look more at included materials, the ROOF, and how the counter spaces would operate, especially the island in the middle.  In terms of materials, we were specifically looking at the [...]

Mid-Week Critique

Today we continued working in our two groups on our designs for the GAP Shed.  Like others said earlier, my group with Nicole and Elppa are working towards a more modular design, whereas the others are focusing on a design more focused on the experiences in the shed.  Halfway through the studio, both groups met [...]

Design Development

At this point, we are about midway through the development of our individual designs for the GAP Shed.  Talking amongst the studio, it seems that there is a constant struggle between creating a cool and interesting design versus making the structure economical and easily built.  I believe we will learn a lot through this struggle [...]

Castle Pinckney

Today we visited Castle Pinckney in the Charleston Harbor.  This is the site of Studio U's project, but we in Studio V came along for the ride in order to see the castle and a different view than we see everyday of the city.  Castle Pinckney was an old fort during the Civil War, and [...]

Start Of A New Semester

Today was the first day of studio for the Spring 2013 semester in Charleston.  Yesterday we were split up into groups, and there are now seven of us in Studio V - Design/Build.  Professor Pastre introduced the project and definitely left me, and I'm sure others, extremely excited for this upcoming semester.  Basically, our project [...]