Design Development


At this point, we are about midway through the development of our individual designs for the GAP Shed.  Talking amongst the studio, it seems that there is a constant struggle between creating a cool and interesting design versus making the structure economical and easily built.  I believe we will learn a lot through this struggle though, as we will encounter this problem more and more as our careers progress.  In the real world, the client always wants to make the project the most economical possible.

In terms of my individual design, I am focusing on a sort of grid layout for the different programs of the design.  The main programs for me are cleaning, storage, and refrigeration.  I am sketching tirelessly to figure out how best to orient these processes in relation to one another.  I am also focusing on how best to orient the structure in relation to the farm and the entrance to the farm.  Even more so, I am looking at how to expand the grid for larger farms, at sizes of small, medium, and large.

Since I did my research on electricity, I am also looking at how the roof can optimize solar energy for the building.  I have a couple different designs I am working with, but I know that the solar panels must be facing True South at an angle of approximately 33 degrees to take in the most sun.  Programming this into my design is essential.

Overall, I am excited to see where my design takes me over the next couple days!


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