Presentation – Great meeting for our clients and us last Friday,  full of communication there, during which we did great reporting our intense in-depth research. Lots of customer preferences feedback helps me to revise data to adapt to specific cases, and move forward to individual design.

Goals– In terms of solving problem once and for all, we take varieties as many as we can into account. Design a good circulation around storage, cleaning, packing, cooling area during farmland work. Design with both flexibility and feasibility, so as to satisfy different site and different size.

Individual design – Good ventilation, open view, convenient circulation, can contribute to a good design. However, I am a little bit concern about how to build a structure with identity since we’ve got a bunch of specific data and requirements for almost every function.

Multiple Proposal

Challenge – We need contribute ourselves into design. 4 days for scheme proposal, 2 days for further details, 2 days for next presentation. Even in that case, time is so limited, we should be empirical and practical during analyzing pros and cons of each proposal. Also try to seek multiple methods as a problem solver.

Concept – From Heidegger, I have realized that the ultimate aim of architecture is to bring the inhabited landscape close to man. Farmers have intimacy with farm field, and I keep that in my mind . For farmers, GAP shed should be a museum rather than merely a workshop. Enjoying during working, as well as a painter indulge in his masterpieces in art gallery , a pianist lost in his melody in music hall, in a simple way.

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