ImageLast Friday we had a great presentation, Ray Huff,  Meg, Frasier, and Rory, Dale had Harry joined us. And after the review, that is last weekend,  we are trying to turn the research and the feedback from our guests into the design. And  Yuxiang kindly draw a site plan for us!

Have to say, it’s no easy job, even though  basically the function is really simple, because of the tiny buget, the deadline And the Good Agriculture Practise standard. The time for us is so limited, we only have 9 days for us to do the individual design. And for the whole design process, it will only last for a month. It seems like that we need  to contribute every minutes into our design. The gap standard also seems to be a big challenge for us, well, at least for me, it’s blocking every possible ways of designing the shed.  At first, I was thinking of building a precipitation pool. So that we can reuse the water and to use the water to adjust the temperature of working space. But, sadly, the GAP doesn’t allow that, so is our deadline.
Today, David looked into everyone’s work and tried to help us figure out which possibility has more potential to develop further. Anyway, after today’s desk critic, I start to decide the future possibility of my design. Maybe I can concentrate On the join of the structure to make it easy to assemble and easy to disassemble. I’ve saw a building which didn’t use a single nail. I think it will be a good case for me to study.
Hope our design goes well!

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