Individual Designs

As the days come closer for our individual design review, we are all feeling overwhelmed yet excited. As John mentioned he was focusing on electricity, that seems so be the consist among most people with Elppa looking into the cooler and having that as the focus while You wants to make the GAP standards stand out and I am focused on the layout of the cleaning around. I feel like we are all trying to get too detailed sometimes because we have all this research and we want to jump right in to include all of it. And I know we are all enthusiastic to get to the final design of the shed for Sweetgrass Farms. But we are trying to take a step back and design something that can impact the entire farming community in a great way.    I have been putting a lot of time into thinking about the dimensions of counter space compared to the sink accessibility; also in the orientation of the cleaning to the rest of the shed. And how the shed could have possible ways of putting the different spaces together in order to accommodate different farms that may have fields and roads oriented in possible different ways.   Now I have been trying to figure out what the roof should look like. After putting so much time into the orientation and floor plan it is only right that the roof gets as much attention and works just as well as the flow of the space. Even though this is an area I am not real used to given a lot of thought. I feel like I am in a great position to learn from all the graduates. Who already have knowledge and practice of this. studio v

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