Individual Design

The Friday, we have a “pre-presentation”. In fact, I am not sure the term is correct or not. This action always comes from my last semester studio professor, she does not want us to finish our work in the last minutes, so the last class before review we stay together to talk about each person’s idea. I believe we can learn a lot from other’s presentation. For example, Lance did a very good job in his review, he used simple key words to describe his idea and basic circulation, and just focused on the special joint of his project. He did not waste any time in the unimportant area.

In terms of my individual design, I emphasize on showing the whole process of GAP. In the main purpose, I would like to let my shed not only a work shop for GAP, but also a social place to let citizen know how the GAP system works and how important the GAP it is. Thus, it would be part of advertisement of modern agriculture. Moreover, I separated the shed to two part, one is clear, other is solid. The clear part is showing the most import part of GAP, washing, drying, packing and documentation. The storage area will be setting in the solid part, such as cold storage, tool storage.

Overall, I attempt to express my idea in architectural graphic way. I am so excited to see my design keeping going in the weekend.


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