A dream

Today is an extremely exciting day. We finally finish the drainage system and received donation of gravel from a landscape firm. Thank you for all seasons. One day, I told my parents that we designed and built a drainage system for our GAP shed project. They thought a few seconds and said you achieved your [...]

Old experience, new function

We worked on foundations for a long time and figured out a bunch of challenges during the process. Last semester, we had a class named assemblies and materials which was taught by Prof Harding. One of the assignments was making a foundation. At that time, I was surprised it a lot, why we need to [...]

A super busy week

Fortunately, we got an email this morning that we do not have to re-build the deck. It would be fine just add 3 more foundations for our shed. I am so happy to hear that news. We almost spent a whole weekend on deck making, the most difficult part is Simpson tie. It looks very [...]

A wood shop field trip

Today, we have a field trip to Southern Lumber and Millwork Corp. It is one of the biggest wood shop in Charleston. For the ITC Joint Practice project, we have been there to order lumbers, so we will similar with the shop. This time, the managers show us a profound presentation which includes some of [...]

The first day after spring break

This is the first day after spring break. During the break, some of us stayed in Charleston working together about the whole structure of our shed, others traveled around in the US. I hope all of us have a good break. I still work on the drainage system. In last review, I got some information [...]

Another busy day

We still work on the roof system for a few days. Although we have a lot of different ideas, they still do not work well, either technical problems or aesthetical problems. The roof study becomes one of the most frustrating experiences for Studio V. However, I find something funny in drain system study. In Monday, [...]

A Busy Day

This is a supper busy day, we just have less than 24 hours before the small group review. In past weekend, we took a long time to talk about the suitable style roof. As we known, different people have totally different ideas about the same issue. Fortunately, we made an agreement in the last minute. [...]

Individual Design

The Friday, we have a “pre-presentation”. In fact, I am not sure the term is correct or not. This action always comes from my last semester studio professor, she does not want us to finish our work in the last minutes, so the last class before review we stay together to talk about each person’s [...]


Although we were quite busy, each one of us has made big breakthrough on our research at last weekend. Before that, we are not sure about where to start and narrow down the topic. Take me as an example, when I was going through the GAP checklist files, I found it was covering a wide [...]