A wood shop field trip

Today, we have a field trip to Southern Lumber and Millwork Corp. It is one of the biggest wood shop in Charleston. For the ITC Joint Practice project, we have been there to order lumbers, so we will similar with the shop. This time, the managers show us a profound presentation which includes some of the basic knowledge of wood and their products. Although some of them we have learned in class, it is still very helpful for us to think and build the GAP shed project. For example, the actual size of 2*4 lumber is 1.5”*3.5*, because the nominal size comes from green rough lumber when it is dry, about 5% water would lose during the evaporation process. Moreover,we also visit the mills, some of the tools look much more effective than we have in our shop such as the planers and joiners.  In ITC class, we have to take about ten minutes to plan and joint a piece of wood to keep it flat, however, in Southern Lumber, the powerful flat a long lumber just in 10 seconds. Although it looks more productivity than ours, it would lose some funny experiences.  It would be the similar meaning that even digital design software is powerful, we still need to study free hand sketch or ink drawing in the first year of undergraduate.



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