Materials Ordered + Framing Begins

After our trip to Southern Lumber yesterday, we learned of their gracious contribution to help out with our GAP shed, and we were able to order the bulk of our structural materials today.  We will be expecting a huge shipment of lumber at the shop tomorrow so we can begin framing.  Our open house is also tomorrow, so we will be presenting our Construction Documents, current renderings, and mock-ups to those who are able to attend.

framing plan_Page_21

In preparation for the framing that will take place, Studio V has looked over the current CD’s to make sure we have all the specifications and dimensions for our first task.  With the drawings we have, hopefully our first big task will run smoothly.  This is also the first time many of Studio V will be partaking in a building environment, so much learning will still be taking place as we construct our shed!


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