Septic Systems!

Nine preliminary plans have led us to one ultimate commercial kitchen design and Studio V is now incorporating a few last minute details. We had no idea what was in store when began researching the DHEC regulations for on-site wastewater systems, but, as it turns out, there's a lot of research and strategy that goes into the [...]

Our first review and moving forward

  Last Friday's review, our first, was helpful in many ways.  First and foremost, making an early connection with a vast array of professionals with involvement and/or deep interest in this project is very important.  This meeting was a way for everybody to get on the same page.  Although, as a studio, we used graphics [...]

Materials Ordered + Framing Begins

After our trip to Southern Lumber yesterday, we learned of their gracious contribution to help out with our GAP shed, and we were able to order the bulk of our structural materials today.  We will be expecting a huge shipment of lumber at the shop tomorrow so we can begin framing.  Our open house is [...]

Construction Documents: The Next Level

In preparation for our next meeting with John Moore, Studio V is in the process of getting together a booklet of Construction Docs.  Revit has proven to be a great tool for us during this process, and we are moving forward quickly, hoping that by Friday our GAP shed will be figured out structurally down to [...]

Going to Meet the Man

Monday: @2pm...Studio V met with Mr. John Moore, a well respected engineer, to receive feedback about the structural details of our project. Mr. Moore suggested that we construct most of it out of structural steel tubes to resist deflection and bending. Furthermore, he suggested ways to connect the guardrails and handrails to the structure. The [...]

All Aboard!

After taking a night off to give our minds and bodies a good rest, we reconvened in studio today to make a final decision. It was pretty evident that our decision had already been made for us based on the both constructive criticism and honest truths of each scheme given to us by the jurors. [...]