Going to Meet the Man

Mr. John Moore

Monday: @2pm…Studio V met with Mr. John Moore, a well respected engineer, to receive feedback about the structural details of our project. Mr. Moore suggested that we construct most of it out of structural steel tubes to resist deflection and bending. Furthermore, he suggested ways to connect the guardrails and handrails to the structure. The feedback eventually led us in discovering new ways to visualize the project through it’s potential construction methodology. The various methodologies lead to different strategic approaches we could possibly take. Finding the solution to differences in viewpoints strengthens the bonds between us and stimulates the atmosphere for design. Also, today we received the baton for Studio V members, the green Memoranda, to be in our possession at all times. Seeing the memoranda, I thought about all the studios that had gone before us. We carry on a legacy of great design, therefore we must succeed and by success, we will improve upon every previous semester’s efforts, setting a new standard for the future.

Studio V Baton

Tuesday: @7pm We will meet and sift through the different methods of construction and decide how we will proceed together as a unit. The time is set and tomorrow we will proceed on to an elegant solution.


The link below is an experiential pavilion done in 2011 at the Biennale. Although, our project is in nothing like the linked one, we can start to visualize how the structure will perform when in use. Link at:http://blip.tv/vernissagetv/greek-pavilion-at-venice-biennale-2011-5331448


    1. I marvel at the ability of architecture to perform. A thespian enduring time. Thanks for commenting.

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