Don’t Forget the Fish: Part II

Alternative title : Shrimp, grit, and determination . Trying to look at the big picture, last semester's Clemson Architecture+communityBUILD (A+cB) program taught me the biggest lesson of the critical path - thinking about the work in the sequence required and working on parts that you will need first to allow other people to continue moving [...]

Installation Continues

As you have seen, we have had a group to lay the floor and trailer the appliances out to John's Island.  The wood grain vinyl flooring looks great with the Cypress trim that is throughout the structure.  As the floor and appliances have been placed, there has been a group of students working back a [...]

Don’t Tread on the Shed

Everyone! Wipe your feet!  The floors are undergoing the hose and squeegy treatment, so you know this means we are nearing the end.  Though there are more items on the list to be constructed and installed, it is finally getting to the point where we are taking care of details and "cleaning shop" around the [...]

7 Eleven Woodshop

Steel Plate-Finally I finish my drilling hole misson! My name maybe changed to ARMstrong right now after doing 2-day metal work. So does dear Professor Pastre think. It seems that those templates really work. Moving-Dealing both side of the wall and decking, we always need FLIP OVER. Sometimes it is extremely heavy so we need [...]

Materials Ordered + Framing Begins

After our trip to Southern Lumber yesterday, we learned of their gracious contribution to help out with our GAP shed, and we were able to order the bulk of our structural materials today.  We will be expecting a huge shipment of lumber at the shop tomorrow so we can begin framing.  Our open house is [...]

C.D.’s Continued

Both today and this past weekend we have been further detailing our construction documents for the GAP Shed.  Nicole, Ashley, and I have been working mainly on the structure of the revit file, whereas the others have been more focused on the sinks, cooler, drainage, and sliding panel system.  This weekend we spent a lot [...]

Construction Documents: The Next Level

In preparation for our next meeting with John Moore, Studio V is in the process of getting together a booklet of Construction Docs.  Revit has proven to be a great tool for us during this process, and we are moving forward quickly, hoping that by Friday our GAP shed will be figured out structurally down to [...]

Going to Meet the Man

Monday: @2pm...Studio V met with Mr. John Moore, a well respected engineer, to receive feedback about the structural details of our project. Mr. Moore suggested that we construct most of it out of structural steel tubes to resist deflection and bending. Furthermore, he suggested ways to connect the guardrails and handrails to the structure. The [...]

What’s The Big Idea?

Since the onset of the semester we have been thinking, in the back of our minds, what the installation could possibly embody. Well...tomorrow we will all have our chance to present our burgeoning ideas in the first design charette. If you are not part of the design community and have never heard of a charette, [...]