7 Eleven Woodshop

Steel Plate-Finally I finish my drilling hole misson! My name maybe changed to ARMstrong right now after doing 2-day metal work. So does dear Professor Pastre think. It seems that those templates really work.IMG_3966


Moving-Dealing both side of the wall and decking, we always need FLIP OVER. Sometimes it is extremely heavy so we need everybody come together to help. However, we couldn’t make it even everybody is there. Then we have something really cool. Tiny monster fork lifter helps us to move  the cooler unit with full skill! Here comes the video, which shows the cool whole process.


Wound-WEAR GLOOVES while moving a piece of wood, while lifting a piece of steel, I’ve got cut for more than 3 times as the punishment of being inexperienced. Those wounds are not severe and we have abundant medicine for wound treatment. Majority of us have experienced twist to the ankle, knock to the knee, and nailed to the fingers, I guess.

Solutions-It’s our first design and built project. We are learning from failures. We come across plenty of detail troubles. Such as, How to make newly cut sheathing perfectly line up with each edge of original wall frame, How to get screws in where the space are super narrow, How to design jig as a drilling template, How they fit together when 2 pieces are tiny little off, etc.IMG_4057

7eleven-We have contributed into this GAP shed for almost 2 weeks, and we just had one day off last Sunday for Eastern Day. High strengthen work makes me feel fatigue by the time we done with 1-day’s wood work around 10 p.m., However, the wood pieces outside our woodshop are running out quickly, and we have built 90% frame (some are with sheathing) for solid parts, which brings me another excited morning coming after. My life has been simplified a lot, there are only sleeping, working taking turns on duty, and I am trying my best to get used to it.IMG_4062

Architect to Architect-Pastre said there will be more than 50 people gathering around our woodshop next Tuesday because of the lecture called Architect to Architect. We could be able to finish and move our parts of shed outside, and clean off by then. I hope everybody enjoy our sincere work.

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