Give Me Some Skin!

The wall frames are up and it's finally time to give the CropStop some skin! For the last couple of weeks, it's been a little frustrating to deal with our learning curve when it comes to building structurally sound floor supports and wall frames. We've put them together and taken them apart so many times that [...]

Paint and Flooring

Today Studio V is finishing up the final welds to reinforce the chassis and starting to paint and frame the flooring of The CropStop. Welding has been a blast to learn and the chassis is going to look brand new after the fresh matted paint job. Nothing has stopped Studio V as most of the [...]

(Almost) Ready to Move

Studio V has completed most of our big pieces for the GAP Shed – walls, decks, rafters, beams, and foundations. The past 2 weeks have been extremely busy, with non-stop work to measure, cut, assemble, sand, and paint. Assembling the large pieces on site will be like putting together a giant puzzle. I am a [...]

7 Eleven Woodshop

Steel Plate-Finally I finish my drilling hole misson! My name maybe changed to ARMstrong right now after doing 2-day metal work. So does dear Professor Pastre think. It seems that those templates really work. Moving-Dealing both side of the wall and decking, we always need FLIP OVER. Sometimes it is extremely heavy so we need [...]


So today we got the news from Pastre that we might have to redo our deck frames for the cleaning area. This is a possibility because the way our joist are running now does not support the loads of the deck. So now we are getting in touch with John Moore to find out if adding [...]

Time to Build

Say goodbye to weekends, Studio V – It’s time to build! We kicked off studio today with a giant delivery from Southern Lumber. It was both exciting and intimidating to see the lumber arrive. It was unloaded from the trailer with a forklift, and pile neatly. Our design is about to come to life, but [...]