Give Me Some Skin!

Photo by Jamie Russell
Photo by Jamie Russell

The wall frames are up and it’s finally time to give the CropStop some skin! For the last couple of weeks, it’s been a little frustrating to deal with our learning curve when it comes to building structurally sound floor supports and wall frames. We’ve put them together and taken them apart so many times that Chris apparently hears the nail gun in his sleep!

We’ve been a little behind schedule with all of the recent rain in Charleston, but our spirits have finally been lifted. We can now walk through the CropStop and get a sense of the space that we have all worked so hard to design. We can finally stand on a solid floor with walls around us and say, “Hey! We’re in the kitchen!”

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  1. It’s great to hear such positive comments. I’m glad things have turned around for you. Keep looking upwards as you look forward. Your photos document your daily progress better than your eyesight. Think in time-lapse mode.

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