Picture Perfect Framing

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Thanks to our teacher’s help with the framing details for the chassis (and by help I mean complete overhaul of the original documents) we have completed the framing for all walls in the Crop Stop. After all the walls were standing, wouldn’t you know that they all fit together! Usually when I make things by hand, such as an architectural model, I am always relieved and somewhat surprised if it goes together the first time I try and put it together. These wall frames, to my delight, went together tight and flush the first time we put them up. That is not to say that we didn’t have to pull out some nails and rebuild while we were constructing the frames, but once they were built, they fit. I know this may sound like an obvious part of the construction in general, that things fit together, but it is something that keeps surprising me as this project continues to be built. Everything was planned and fits. Nice.

In other news, we have a timeline update. On Wednesday we had the chassis re-leveled and re-straightened so that the plywood sheathing we put on the exterior as siding will run straight and true and help to keep the chassis from twisting in the future. We have all of the plywood siding for the structure and will be applying that today and Friday (tomorrow).  The wood that we will be putting down fro decking should arrive on Friday.  The roof trusses will be delivered on monday and installed. We have already installed the mounting brackets for the trusses to sit in.

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