Day and Night

The CropStop's farm style character is starting to become evident, now that the metal siding, the roof, and the window panels can finally be seen together. The dogtrot and screen porch are also starting to take shape with most of the walls and ceiling boards in place. Although the deck boards for the dogtrot and screen [...]

Git ‘Er Done

  With about ten days left, before our final review, we've really started to kick things into high gear. We're now beginning to see the full scope of our project and what it's going to take to finish the CropStop. Over the past week, we've been applying extra structural supports, weather proofing materials, and we're now staining [...]

Pollen is Fallin’

One of the great things about being in the design-build studio, this semester, is that we get to spend most of our time outside for the construction phase. However, for the past few weeks, Charleston has been plagued by record amounts of pollen. The worst of which is falling from Pine, Oak, and Sweetgum trees, according to The [...]

Give Me Some Skin!

The wall frames are up and it's finally time to give the CropStop some skin! For the last couple of weeks, it's been a little frustrating to deal with our learning curve when it comes to building structurally sound floor supports and wall frames. We've put them together and taken them apart so many times that [...]

Refurbish chassis? Check! Be a hero? TBD…

It's already week two of the actual construction of the CropStop. At this point we have ground the rust off the surface of the chassis, reinforced the structure with steel, and coated it with three layers of paint. It actually  looks brand new with it's matted black finish.We're now ready to begin laying down the [...]

Ready or Not

Yesterday, Studio V made a short field trip over to the local Public Service Building to learn a little more about the permitting process and the steps that have to be taken in order to get construction documents approved. It was a little overwhelming to see hundreds of rolled up plans lying in piles awaiting [...]

Septic Systems!

Nine preliminary plans have led us to one ultimate commercial kitchen design and Studio V is now incorporating a few last minute details. We had no idea what was in store when began researching the DHEC regulations for on-site wastewater systems, but, as it turns out, there's a lot of research and strategy that goes into the [...]

Small Group Sessions

Small groups are in session, and things are getting real. On the bright side, my group members and I all seem to have similar ideas about where we want to go with our design. Once it was clear that we would, in fact, be building atop a mobile home chassis, the momentum had us feeling [...]

Switching Gears

At the beginning of last week, I thought, for sure, that I would be doing my individual commercial kitchen design based on "cargotechture" construction methods. However, after further research, I have come to the conclusion that the idea of stick-building a new structure onto the bare chassis of an old mobile home, would be the [...]