Open House

Studio V has almost finished our GAP shed. Since Friday, the shed has gained a lot of color! As you can see in the photos, we have finished building the roof, railings, counters, sinks, step, and cool room door. We also installed the Air conditioning Unit and the Coolbot. The bright aesthetic of the green [...]

(Almost) Ready to Move

Studio V has completed most of our big pieces for the GAP Shed – walls, decks, rafters, beams, and foundations. The past 2 weeks have been extremely busy, with non-stop work to measure, cut, assemble, sand, and paint. Assembling the large pieces on site will be like putting together a giant puzzle. I am a [...]

How much wood would a woodshop shop

Despite a few small setbacks, Studio V is making progress on the GAP shed. All of our time is being spent in the shop. Today we continued to work on the cooler room as well as the decks. We finished exterior plywood sheathing for the cool room, insulated the walls and roof, and added some of [...]

Time to Build

Say goodbye to weekends, Studio V – It’s time to build! We kicked off studio today with a giant delivery from Southern Lumber. It was both exciting and intimidating to see the lumber arrive. It was unloaded from the trailer with a forklift, and pile neatly. Our design is about to come to life, but [...]

A Closer Look

As Studio V works through the construction documents, we are discovering how much ambiguity existed in our conceptual design.  We presented basic ideas of assembly during the conceptual design phase, but we are now asking very specific questions about this assembly. How exactly is the roof beam supported by the wall? How will an insulated [...]


Two tribes have merged into one. After the review of the two group concepts yesterday, Studio V is now working as one group of seven. By next Friday, our goal is to have one clear and complete design concept. Combining some of the best ideas from both designs is our next step in the design [...]

Team Modular

Today marked the first day of working in teams for the design of the GAP shed.  I am working with John and Elppa on “Team Modular.” Our concept is to create a flexible, expandable structure with modular units or panels. Modular design is based on similar, repeated units that make up a whole. These units [...]

First Presentation

Studio V’s Research Presentation came together nicely today. We presented what we have learned about GAP, and the cleaning, cooling, water, energy, and materials that it requires.  We also presented options for organizing space, as well as ways to build for mobility and flexibility. Even after two weeks of vigorous research, there is still much [...]

Down on the Farm

With our studio’s visit to Dirthugger Farms yesterday, we have begun to think about how GAP procedures really affect local farmers.  Meg, at Dirthugger Farms, helped us understand her processes of washing, packaging, draining, weighing, storing, and shipping produce. She not only showed us her existing systems, but also described her ideal setup, as well [...]