Time to Build


Say goodbye to weekends, Studio V – It’s time to build! We kicked off studio today with a giant delivery from Southern Lumber. It was both exciting and intimidating to see the lumber arrive. It was unloaded from the trailer with a forklift, and pile neatly. Our design is about to come to life, but there is so much work to do in order to transform those piles of wood into our GAP shed.  All of the rough framing materials are here, so we can now start to frame decks and walls. A few of us picked up some connection hardware today, and David gave Studio V a quick overview of deck framing techniques. We will spend this weekend on framing, and there is much more work to follow.

The construction kickoff was delayed today, because we had an open house at the shop. Thanks to everyone who visited! Although the food was cold, the company was delightful. We spent the afternoon discussing the design, walking everyone through our mock-up space, and looking over construction documents.  We received a lot of great suggestions, and it was nice to see such a great crowd coming here to support us.


This only actual work accomplished today – besides the open house – was with the sink support system. Stacie’s design of a system to hold three plastic tubs over a trough worked out very nicely. We created a frame that locks onto the trough with PVC pipe, and the tubs fit into this frame. It is a simple design that any farmer will be able to build without any special equipment or training.


The final stretch of the semester is going to be extremely busy. I hope to see more people coming to visit us at the shop over the next few weeks as we get further into construction.

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