Yes! we are really building the GAP SHED! I really enjoy working on a real stuff instead of using  the computer in front of a desk. From last Saturday, we’ve been working hard for three days. On Saturday, We are working on the decking system. And on Sunday, we make our wood piece into perfect shape. So today we are trying to assemble all the trusses for roof by using all the piece that we made yesterday. It is really a hard work, I bet I will be stronger and maybe thinner after this month?

First of all, we make two 4″ piece into one super long wood stick, and then we attach the Truss and the center piece. There are 16 pieces exactly the same. These truss will sitting on two long beams, and supporting the weight of the roof. Because of the weather and the budget, all the woods we have for building are not quite in a great shape. They bow a lot. So what we do is trying to keep they are bowing in same direction.

After we finished all the trusses, they looks great! And what we gonna do on Wednesday is to build our framing wall. Just Keep Working Hard!Image

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