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As previous blogs shown, we’ve already started building our GAP shed. It is definitely an amazing experience being involved within both design and build.

Sliding Door- Once getting into build process, another level much more precise and practical , more details need to be figured out. We updates the sliding door details on look from previous horizontal interlock design into basic diagonal referring to lots of cases. We just figured out the exact spot we nail and the amount of nails we need for each unit.


Order Status- We also did some of the ordering during this week, majority will take 1 week to get to shop, having what we need on hand in advance helps us move on fluently .

Flip Over- We’ve set some blocks to help all different pieces set on the specific location they fit each other., and also make some easy marks to make sure of that every component we assemble can always be the same. Flip over was our keywords during assembling roof structure system.

Detail –I have all my body weight standing on the piece of wood which is being screwed at meantime to help it be easier. Pre-drill a hole before screw if that piece is relatively more likely easy to split. I think all of us have got cumulative experience in failure during making framing. Those details I will keep in mind.


Teamwork– To make everything tight and fit, we always came up with many ideas, they need be discussed and tested. The pace is no more as we were in studio doing design, it depends on more factors, such as, partner cooperation, enthusiasm, familiarity of tools, work environment, etc.


Welcome- Stop by our woodshop and visit us!

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