A Closer Look

MODEL 3-13-13-wall types

As Studio V works through the construction documents, we are discovering how much ambiguity existed in our conceptual design.  We presented basic ideas of assembly during the conceptual design phase, but we are now asking very specific questions about this assembly. How exactly is the roof beam supported by the wall? How will an insulated door be sealed? What is the edge condition of the floor?

We find ourselves cutting multiple sections through the model, and then enlarging details of those sections. We are also focusing in on details of the floor plan. Each time we zoom in for a closer look, the level of detail gets more and more refined.  For such a simply constructed building, there are so many details to be illustrated!

We are using Revit to create construction documents, and it has been a very helpful tool in this process. This program allows us to keep our drawings consistent with one another. For example, when a component is moved in the floor plan, that component is automatically changed in all of the other views (details, sections, elevations, etc.). The images shown are works-in-progress of some section details.  Revit allows us to work together on a single, consistent set of drawings that will guide us through construction.


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