Sliding panel

After an awesome spring, our studio v are keep working on the construction documents. We are trying to figure out how every detail will looks like and how can we make all these details happen. Basically, I’m working on the sliding panel. Our sliding panel will be 4 inch wide and about 8 ft long. They can provide shadow as well as block wind if needed.
Since we only have limited budget, we have to build the sliding panel ourselves instead of buying the whole system from the company. I checked some websites and some video about how to DIY a
sliding barn door. It helps me a lot. At first, I was thinking of buying a round track. However, after I checked Lowe’s and Charleston True Value hardware. It is really hard to find a suitable track and pulley. I might need to buy wheels online. So I change my mind. I decide to use a “I ” shape track which can be fined in the Home Depot.
Anyway, after we decide which and how many different materials we need to buy, and bring all the material back, we can move to mock up stage. I just can’t wait to work in sunshine anymore!


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