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As what the case used to be , I continued to be in charge of the Cooler. I have been trying to figure out how to build in a reasonable way based on detail research.

FRP-We use wood frame + FRP sandwich wall system, window frame and owner-built insulated door. Based on the basic diagram shows as below. They recommend several practical ideas for farmers who want to build small low-cost cold storages . http://www.ca.uky.edu/agc/pubs/aen/aen96/aen96.pdf


For the floor surface treatment, “ Flooring finishes are available in galvanized metal, stainless steel, and diamond-plated aluminum. Our standard insulated panel floor includes a 3/4″ plywood wrapped with selected metal finish. Standard load for the floor panel is 600 lbs. per square ft.”  http://www.tkswalk-in.com/finish_floor.html

AC- http://www.storeitcold.com/sizebrand.html The website of Coolbot has recommended the exact size and brand for different dimensions of cooler. Based on that, we can basically determine the LxWxH of the window air conditioner and further design the window frame for AC unit. By using http://www.supco.com/images/Seabreeze/Sea%20Breeze%20Tech%20Info/WH12ZM%20WINDOW%20UNIT%20INSTALL.pdf as our reference, we determine the height from ground to AC as 4 feet. It is easy to operation and observe, also to install for a window AC.

Frame Insulation- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWa7XstIjQs  Having learn from this video, we set up the same frame for our AC unit. And it is also interesting finding that majority window AC need be about a 5 degree tilted to the outside just for the sake of keeping water draining to the outside. And also we may need a firm support for the unit, either a couple of triangle frames or a brick ledge, just a couple of pieces of board will do.

C:UsersJohn CaveneyDocumentsDESIGN BUILDMODEL 3.13.pdf

Coolbot –

This is the installation instruction video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTR6yfep8dM))

 for a new 3rd generation of coolbot.

And the other video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUZ1azvgpfE

, with 38,000 views is for the old style coolbot (which you should watch instead if you purchased a used coolbot).
Strip Curtain- As far as I am concerned, the insulation should be strengthen since the swing door may cause much heat gain and make the cooler system more inefficient. PVC strips offer an effective means to control these environments, holding the cold in air, stopping the warm air from entering the cooler, reducing AC unit running times thereby saving energy. For some reason, the Low Temperature Strip Doors are excessively expensive, while the price of cooler Strip Doors is relatively reasonable, and I think we may go for it.


Insulated Door– Here is my big challenge! To build a insulated door for the cooler! I have never imagine that before! However, we do love challenges!  The basic idea is to either make a door out of wood or buy a flat outswing left-handed door and make it more insulated. From http://archtoolbox.com/materials-systems/thermal-moisture-protection/24-rvalues.html, I assume that normal wood solid core door’s R-value is about 2, several options, such as  R-11 Mineral Fiber with 2×4 wood studs @ 16″ OC, 1” Polyisocyanurate (Foil Faced), 1” Expanded Polystyrene (Extruded) , and air spaces, etc. could help to make the R-value as big as enough. And in terms of easy-to-be-washed and durable , we do need stainless steel or aluminum skins be applied on the surface.


Having checked a lot of detail drawings of insulated door, I think Spring Loaded Hinges would be a great choice for a door of cooler.

Either the 4-side frame or the jamb should be sealing and insulated in case of air leaking. For the knobs, we need one for both side and which had better not be frozen bad inside the cooler.

In addition, there even is a website that teaches us “How to install a door step by step” along with pictures. I’ve got surprised by how kindly Americans are. http://www.midwestmanufacturing.com/MidwestManufacturing/project.do?id=8

Welcome!- We probably mock up next week, you are very welcome to stop by, visit us, have a conversation and see GAP Shed under-construction there, just as what Harry did this afternoon.

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