Construction Documents: The Next Level

In preparation for our next meeting with John Moore, Studio V is in the process of getting together a booklet of Construction Docs.  Revit has proven to be a great tool for us during this process, and we are moving forward quickly, hoping that by Friday our GAP shed will be figured out structurally down to the nitty-gritty details.  All of Studio V are currently working on different aspects of the shed, with each of us also crossing over in to each other’s work to provide extra insight and perspective.

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Soon we will be providing mock-ups of the many details that occur in and around the GAP shed.  This means we are finally getting down to work!  I am positive this is the most anticipated time of the semester for Studio V.  It is quite exciting knowing we are actually going to produce what we all have been working on so very hard.

As tomorrow is another studio day, we hope to get another step closer in completing the neccessary research and documents applicable to a certified shed.  Certain required measures typical to this kind of structure have oftentimes proven tricky to resolve, but with those who have provided helpful insight and practical alternatives, Studio V is looking forward to demonstrate a unique and efficient way of constructing a GAP shed.

*The image posted within the blog content is an enlarged section of the “cooling room” Studio V is currently working on.  This area within the GAP shed must be handled with certain measures, essentially providing a refrigeration unit with proper/air-tight insulation, appropriate wall sheathing, an air-conditioning unit with a “coolbot”, and an insulated door.

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