The first day after spring break

This is the first day after spring break. During the break, some of us stayed in Charleston working together about the whole structure of our shed, others traveled around in the US. I hope all of us have a good break.

I still work on the drainage system. In last review, I got some information about the French drain and presented it, however, I made some mistakes on it. During the break, I looked for more detail information of it and attempt to figure out some of the misunderstanding. First of all, the term French drain comes from Henry French (1813-1885), a lawyer and Assistant U.S Treasury Secretary from Concord, Massachusetts, not from the county in Europe. I apologized for Mr. French.  Second, the section size had been found out. Although different sources provide different data, in general, a common size would be is 2 feet deep and 1.5 feet across with 1% slope at the bottom. Moreover, the quantity of pipes and gravels also had been calculated. Third, I find one of the interesting French drain pipe product. It called EZ-Drain, all of the French drain elements are prefabricated as a standard unit. It could save a lot of time and labor during the making process, however, the new product is about 3 times expensive than the normal one. Unfortunately, we could not afford them and have to give up the cool idea.


I am exciting now. Although I have several different kinds of projects in previous years, I never think about a project in this way—– considering every details and joints.

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