Don’t Tread on the Shed

Everyone! Wipe your feet!  The floors are undergoing the hose and squeegy treatment, so you know this means we are nearing the end.  Though there are more items on the list to be constructed and installed, it is finally getting to the point where we are taking care of details and "cleaning shop" around the [...]

It’s Building Inspection Time

Carl Simmons, the Charleston County Building Inspections Director, was gracious enough to meet Studio V at the shop today to look over our contruction so we can obtain our building permit on Sweetgrass' site.  After completing the overview of our project and flipping through our CD's, we showed Carl around the shop to show our different [...]

The Second Time’s a Charm

We had a very extensive weekend over at the shop.  Our 12 hour Saturday consisted mostly of re-doing framework... shrinking lumber due to moisture loss is never a good thing!  Despite our setbacks, we learned from our original process of framework, and made it better the second time around.  Quite a few of us working [...]

Materials Ordered + Framing Begins

After our trip to Southern Lumber yesterday, we learned of their gracious contribution to help out with our GAP shed, and we were able to order the bulk of our structural materials today.  We will be expecting a huge shipment of lumber at the shop tomorrow so we can begin framing.  Our open house is [...]

Construction Documents: The Next Level

In preparation for our next meeting with John Moore, Studio V is in the process of getting together a booklet of Construction Docs.  Revit has proven to be a great tool for us during this process, and we are moving forward quickly, hoping that by Friday our GAP shed will be figured out structurally down to [...]

Final Conceptual Review

Though we have presented our final concept, we still have a long road to an efficient GAP shed ahead of us.  All of our ideas, conceptual strategies, and modular implications have been laid out, now everything needs to be ironed out.  We have already addressed possible design solutions during our review discussion, many thanks to [...]

Group Conceptual Design Review

Today was a huge benchmark for our conceptual design.  Both groups presented strong design applications and solutions for a highly functional GAP shed.  Though there is still much work to do, we were able to take a look at both designs and see which circulation patterns, functional qualities, and structural options contained better solutions.  There [...]

Moving Forward, Fast!

After completing our second review today, we are officially on the fast track to a more finalized conceptual design for the GAP shed project.  All seven of the individual conceptual designs contained important and inspirational elements that will greatly benefit the overall design.  Ships ports, Heidegger's Thinking on Architecture, modular components, and even dogtrots were [...]


Our presentation is packaged and ready to go!  Not only do we all anticipate informing our guests tomorrow over how our agricultural shed can comply to the very many Good Agricultural Practices standards, but we in return hope to gain insight from our guests; many who are very knowledgeable within the GAP realm.  We will learn [...]

Dirthugger Day!

It was a beautiful and exciting day in Charleston as we ventured over to James Island.  Meg, the Dirthugger Farms, and even the chickens welcomed us on to their farming land where we were able to experience the agricultural practice of farming vegetables, fruit, and herbs at first-hand.  We all contributed in GAP research over the weekend, but [...]