The Second Time’s a Charm

We had a very extensive weekend over at the shop.  Our 12 hour Saturday consisted mostly of re-doing framework… shrinking lumber due to moisture loss is never a good thing!  Despite our setbacks, we learned from our original process of framework, and made it better the second time around.  Quite a few of us working on the framing were extremely giddy over our new flush connection joints, which will make it easier to install the subflooring and painting the surface.

photo 1

Today, we just about finished up the cooler room.  This piece to our puzzle has definitely been the most labor intensive, as we have had to make sure the framing, decking, insulation, and roofing were just right for no air leaks!  After itchy arms from insulation installation, John climbing and drilling on the roof, and everyone pitching in to maneuver the extremely heavy cooler room “parts”, we stood back and smiled at the hard work and progress we have made.  Though re-do’s and set-backs are never fun, this is still very much a learning process, and with what we have had to re-do these past couple of days, it has been re-done with more vigor and accuracy.

photo 3photo 4

In the morning, a team will set out to visit the Sweetgrass site for some extensive surveying.  We will have the land staked-out to mark the future home of our project.

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