Surprise Field Trip!

Today's studio session was greeted by a prompting from Professor Pastre for a spontaneous field study, which was a welcome idea on such a beautiful day. The purpose of this field trip was to study a very specific set of cabinets that had various similarities to the set that we are trying to formulate for [...]

Hasta La Vista!

Final Review-As Nicole posted, we had our final review on Monday. Everyone worried about the weather that day morning, however, the weather had miraculously turned fine in the afternoon. The logo, which designed by Professor Pastre’s wife, Amy, makes the whole shed cute and shiny with recognition. Review went through fairly smoothly and easily. People [...]

The Second Time’s a Charm

We had a very extensive weekend over at the shop.  Our 12 hour Saturday consisted mostly of re-doing framework... shrinking lumber due to moisture loss is never a good thing!  Despite our setbacks, we learned from our original process of framework, and made it better the second time around.  Quite a few of us working [...]

On The Way Rosebank ---- To get experience through the practice, on-the-spot investigation and case study are always shortcut for architects. So we visit Rosebank this afternoon to learn some ideas about a certificated GAP shed, actually I wish I could have done this field trip at the beginning of this semester. FloorPlan----Nicole’s plan combines modular and [...]

Castle Pinckney

Today we visited Castle Pinckney in the Charleston Harbor.  This is the site of Studio U's project, but we in Studio V came along for the ride in order to see the castle and a different view than we see everyday of the city.  Castle Pinckney was an old fort during the Civil War, and [...]


Our studio went to Sweetgrass Garden today, which is the site that our shed supposed to be placed at. We had been eager to know that what is the difference between the Sweetgrass Garden and Dirthugger Farm, which we visited on Monday, for a long time. The Sweetgrass Garden is located in Johns Island, and [...]

Down on the Farm

With our studio’s visit to Dirthugger Farms yesterday, we have begun to think about how GAP procedures really affect local farmers.  Meg, at Dirthugger Farms, helped us understand her processes of washing, packaging, draining, weighing, storing, and shipping produce. She not only showed us her existing systems, but also described her ideal setup, as well [...]

Dirthugger Day!

It was a beautiful and exciting day in Charleston as we ventured over to James Island.  Meg, the Dirthugger Farms, and even the chickens welcomed us on to their farming land where we were able to experience the agricultural practice of farming vegetables, fruit, and herbs at first-hand.  We all contributed in GAP research over the weekend, but [...]


The theme of studio, GAP (good agriculture practice) is very interesting. It is not only an architecture project, but also an agriculture research. It will be a part of inter-discipline subject. However, we have few experience of this area. Today, we met with our studio partner Prof. Harry Crissy who works with Clemson University’s Institute for Economic [...]