Castle Pinckney


Today we visited Castle Pinckney in the Charleston Harbor.  This is the site of Studio U’s project, but we in Studio V came along for the ride in order to see the castle and a different view than we see everyday of the city.  Castle Pinckney was an old fort during the Civil War, and we were told by our guides that it was actually where the second bullet of the war was fired.  First if you don’t count the actual first one in Maryland!


We took a taxi bout out to the island, and it was actually about a little less than a mile walk over sea shells to the castle.  Once we got to the castle, you could tell it hadn’t been touched in forever.  It was a small little fortress, but it was very cool to see.  It was also cool to see Charleston from the water, which I had never done before.  I am very interested to see what Studio U will do with this site.  I believe their project is very open ended in the possibilities of design, and I wonder how they will react to this.  It is a hard site, because it is such a part of the city, both historically and since it is in the middle of the harbor, but it is so apart as well, seeing as many Charlestonians don’t even know it exists.


Overall, it was an extremely fun trip and a nice day off from studio!

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