Summative statement

ME-Finally it’s my turn! By following the name acronyms sort, I will always be the last one, both in CHINA, and in US.

CHARLESTON-Church, Horse, Art gallery, Restaurants, Local building patterns, Expensive, Seascape, Transpotation, Oysters, North Market Street, 10 impressive aspects consists of my definition about Charleston.

CAC.C– I would never forget the unique experience, escaping through the courtyard of a jail from a hospital along with alarm at every night.

STUDIO V– intense schedule, team cooperation, background research, new technology, budget control, real clients and project, material exploration, feasibility analysis, mock-up on-site, all such things makes me feel like that the studio really runs as a firm.

GAP –Water, being good source and well-treated, is needed almost everywhere; Manure should be properly stored; For sanitation, basically wash your hand after doing anything; Produces should be traceable. A good practice of agriculture aims to protect food safety.

SHED-ideally should be easy to be constructed, easy to be broke down and moved,  with reproducibility, low cost, efficient, and with remarkable recognition.

 Site-Convenient transportation, excellent breeze, relatively cool temperature in summer, several existing structures, etc.

COOLING SYSTEM– My part focus on cooling system, which may separate from the shed because of different function. Also I will figure out the relationship of fish compost, farmland, cold storage, solar panels with all my partners.

 Precooling-may help improving energy efficiency of refrigeration system with hydro-cooler combining with clean/package/drain process.

 Cold storage– Design layout&airflow, height and space of the corridor. 4″ of foam board, siliconed and sprayed insulation could be added on all open areas. How to maintain desired temperature.

 Coolbot-Cost-effective refrigeration equipment, only require a window air-conditioner to work with. Also design insulated frame for air conditioner.

 Cost-There should be a comparison chart between cost and efficiency of conventional cooler and A/C with coolbot running by solar power.

CLIENTS-We are trying to provide multiple answers for our clients. Being low cost, efficient, without contaminant would be our challenge but we think we can make it .

BLOG-I love this idea! Studio V “dwells vividly“ in this blog!

Cold Storage with easy AC&Coolbot
Cold Storage with easy AC&Coolbot

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