ImageOur studio went to Sweetgrass Garden today, which is the site that our shed supposed to be placed at. We had been eager to know that what is the difference between the Sweetgrass Garden and Dirthugger Farm, which we visited on Monday, for a long time.

The Sweetgrass Garden is located in Johns Island, and right beside a road. This is really different from the Dirthugger Farm. The traffic on the road will affect the choice of the site. And what’s more. When we get the Sweetgrass Garden, They were building a house on site. Again. It will totally change the situation of the site and the function we need in our shed.

After talk to the owner, we were glad to know that we might have access of electric in our site. And we might be able to use some solar panels in our design, because he is so interested in that system.

We have been introduced some other skills, Like compost. However, I don’t understand by what reason they chose fish to make that compost. Whatever, It’s really great to visit the Sweetgrass Garden!

The link of the Sweetgrass Gardenis as follow: Sweetgrass Garden

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