Dirthugger Day!

Dirthugger Farms

It was a beautiful and exciting day in Charleston as we ventured over to James Island.  Meg, the Dirthugger Farms, and even the chickens welcomed us on to their farming land where we were able to experience the agricultural practice of farming vegetables, fruit, and herbs at first-hand.  We all contributed in GAP research over the weekend, but we had yet to see a forthcoming GAP practice in action.  Meg’s open-air, wooden structural shed is not a structure that is able to be GAP certified; however, it lays the important foundation and building blocks that we, Studio V, hope to carry-out and build off of throughout the semester.  Studying and understanding the fine principles and knowledge of building a Good Agricultural Practices structure supporting the harvesting, cleaning, storing, and shipping procedures have been fine-tuned today, many thanks to Meg.

I am sure we will all still have questions regarding further research on GAP and how to successfully shape a design program to suit the growing agricultural practice’s needs.  But I know I can speak for all of Studio V saying that we are excited for this challenge, and cannot wait to put forth ideas and design methods in order to create a more healthy and sustainable agricultural practice.  Go Studio V!  Off to our site at Sweetgrass Garden on Wednesday!

For more information on Dirthugger Farms, please visit its lovely website!


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