A super busy week

Fortunately, we got an email this morning that we do not have to re-build the deck. It would be fine just add 3 more foundations for our shed. I am so happy to hear that news. We almost spent a whole weekend on deck making, the most difficult part is Simpson tie. It looks very simple but very effective to hold on roof structure and frame. It would work well in strict, flat lumber, however, our materials always have different kinks of bowl. It becomes no easy to fix them. That is the reason, we took a long time to make deck in weekend. If the issues ask for us to re-build them, it would be a catastrophe.


After that, we worked on the frame of cool room. The whole process looks similar as other frame. I do think it is necessary to take a lot of words to describe the same method. The interesting experiences of the past week are “the double life”. We have the totally different style life between daytime and at night. In school time, we group together work as craftsmen in shop, however, after studio, we have to work as a writer or researcher for our historical theory paper/sketch/ presentation. The whole day study had been separated to labor part and think part on average. What an interesting week. 

photo 3 photo 4

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